I am based in East London,

I have been working professionally as a  Videographer and Photographer for the past 8 years. I'm an all rounder & can take a project from concept to completion with all the steps in between.

I illustrate and animate and am very well versed in the Adobe Suite. 


Watch my Showreel or find out more about me.


I have always loved creating regardless of the medium however found myself drawn to the visual format. I love the creative freedom found within video production and all the facets it consists of: animation, graphic design, sound design and visual effects. Just as fascinating is the marketing side as it demands an understanding of human psychology and how to evoke certain feelings and convey messages to an audience. 

I studied Media and Photography at College

and went on to get a BSc in Computing for Digital Media.

This has given me a strong understanding of both the technical and creative tools at hand.

I absolutely love the process of producing videos, my varied work as a freelancer has allowed me to meet such an assortment of interesting people and experience so many compelling stories, lives, careers and projects. I am delighted I was given the opportunity to catch a small glimpse into the lives of my clients and give them something lasting.

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